Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Bedroom

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4 in 1 Star Projector Night Light - Rossetta star projector combines a projector, nightlight lamp, white noise machine, and music player all in one device, which creates an extraordinary audio & visual experience. Features 14 vibrant colors that project shining stars and memorizing nebula cloud, the starlight projector brings the vast starry night skies indoors where you and kids can enjoy the peaceful galaxy in your bedroom or kids room. Enjoy the beauty of space in the comfort of your home.

Star Projector Rossetta Galaxy Projector,bluetooth Audio Night Lamp,with  Remote Control | Fruugo BH

White Noise Sound Machine - The night light projector includes 19 popular white noise sounds that are both relaxing and soothing while you try to fall asleep or during meditation. Combining both the gentle sounds from the white noise sound machine with the baby-friendly memorizing RGB LED night light will grant an unforgettable experience that will put any soul at ease. Both kids and adults can enjoy this fun and versatile dinosaur egg starry night light projector for every restful night sleep.

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Star Projector, Rossetta Galaxy Projector For Bedroom, Remote Control &  White Noise Bluetooth Speaker, 14 Colors Led Night Light - Night Lights -  AliExpress

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