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Pet Massage Brush Shampoo Dispenser

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The one-piece foam reservoir design can help you save a lot of time squeezing and diluting shower gel. Dilute the pet shampoo beforehand, then press the top to dispense blisters to your pet‘s fur coat while taking a shower. This is not only can save shower gel, but also make it easier to create more foam.
[Convenient to Use]At the top of the bottom, you can open the small ring and pour shampoo and water. When in use, you can press the top silicone button to produce foam. will gently remove loose hair, dust and dirt. Dog Hair Brush with numerous soft nubs will ensure no-scratching massage without scratching your pet's skin and dead fur while bathing.

This cat & dog bath massage brush made of ABS +TPR, it is non-toxic and , additionlly, the silicone brush bristle is very soft enough to not hurt your pets skin.the Pet Brush not only can provide a quick and thorough washing of your pets but also massage the skin to improve the blood circulation, giving your dog a very comfortable bath.
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