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Ceramic Vases for Home Decor

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White Ceramic Vase - Let our circular vase be part of your modern home decor collection. Each ceramic vase make elegant flower vases for centerpieces. These vases for living room decorations matches your exotic houseplants, wintry florals, shelf decor, floor table decorations, and fall decor for home. fireplace decor, and entry table decor. A pretty handy ceramic decor despite it's size and simple design.
Circle Vase with Hole - Our boho vases are perfect for your home's classic yet inspired look. Allow our ceramic decor bring out the color of your statement pieces, mantle decor, vintage home decor, and other modern room decor. Imbue your room with a subdued yet sophisticated look that will surely draw the attention of your house guests. All thanks to a timeless boho vase set created as decorations for living room.
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