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Lick Mat for Dogs Lick Pad to Wall or Floor

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This Aquapaw treat-dispensing mat is a perfect slow treater to help your dog remain calm during times of difficulty. When filled with food, the Slow Treater will keep your canine pal occupied and entertained while he's home alone or encountering stressful situations like nail trimming. Fear Free Certified
As seen on Shark Tank, the Slow Treater goes just about anywhere. Use it as a floor mat or stick it to the wall. Pair it with an Aquapaw shower sprayer/scrubber to make bath time a breeze. A licking mat also helps your dog stay calm during storms and vet visits. The perfect dog gift for Christmas.

This licki mat is suitable for all dog breeds and the perfect gift for your pet. Its patented 3-wing design includes suction cups that stick to any smooth surface and tabs for easy removal. Fill it with peanut butter, spreadable canned food or even kibble
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