Brush Master Retractable Kabuki Makeup Brush Travel Powder Brush

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To be used for foundation, powder, blush, concealer, or bronzer. Ideally for applying, blending, and shading products, convenient for creating different makeups.

Mini retractable makeup brush with lid. Portable pocket size like lipstick, easy to carry. Suitable for travel, professional use, and home use.

Amazon.com: Falliny Retractable Kabuki Makeup Brushes, Travel Face Blush  Brush, Portable Powder Brush with Cover for Blush, Bronzer, Buffing,  Highlighter Flawless Powder Cosmetics : Beauty & Personal Care

Stylish aluminum case, easy to control, and difficult to deform. The interface can be stretched and rotated, protect premium delicate brush bristles.

Retractable Kabuki Makeup Brush-Black – Brush Master

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