Moon Lamp Night Light Floating and Spinning in Air

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Our floating moon lamp use the magnetic principle of the levitation, helps the moon lamp stay afloat and spin in mid-air. The magnet is very strong and keeps the moon lamp levitating about 0.5 in above the base without support or contact. The levitating moon lamp spin just as the moon does, it’s calming, therapeutic and enjoyable to view through out the day.

Guide to the Best Levitating Moon Lamp (Floating, Spinning in Air)

Our levitating moon lamp can convert 3 colors, you can switch the white light, yellow light and orange light. The colors on the moon lamp's LED make it look the same as it does in the sky. The moon lamp will be rotating slow and gently, as soon you light it on the whole atmosphere and mood changes. This moon light is perfect as a lamp to light up your room at night and great for the room and colour change options.

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