Comfort Foot Rest for Under Desk

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Effective Pain Relief for Those Who Sit for Hours: Our under desk footrest takes ergonomics to your work and play. By elevating your legs, it puts hips and knees on the same plane, lessening pressure on joints and muscles so you feel better all over. You’ll enjoy uninterrupted comfort during your entire 8 hour workday or while gaming with no annoying pins and needles to numb your brain or poke holes in your strategy

Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest for Under Desk - Ergonomic Memory Foam Foot  Stool Pillow for Work, Gaming, Computer, Office Cubicle and Home - Footrest  Leg Cushion Accessories (Black) - Walmart.com

Unique Teardrop Design: Unlike the fussy 2 piece footrests, our office foot rest is a simple, 1 piece design that accommodates most any leg length. The unique graduated teardrop shape encourages a natural sitting posture no matter your stature, enhances ergonomics, and contours to the curves of your feet arches. Just put it on the floor and it’s ready to deliver instant comfort

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Kölbs Office Foot Rest Under Desk - Plush Velvet and Memory Foam - Longer  Footrest For Added Comfort,

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