4pcs Ceramic Vase Set Coffee Table Home Decor

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This ceramic vase kit contains four lovely vases in four colors. The dimensions of the vases are about 3.45”W*4.82”H, 2.58”W*2.76”H, 3.09”W*7.68”H, 3.72”W*4.33”H. The vases are packed in a sturdy box with mould styrofoam, no need to worry about the damage during transit.

The vases are in plain colors, which are simple but elegant. They fit various types of styles, such as modern farmhouse, rustic, classic charm, and country. The shapes and sizes of these three vases are specially designed, they are in perfect harmony while putting together.

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The vases kit is made of 100% high-quality ceramic. They are corrosion-resist and long-lasting. We have a strict quality control procedure to avoid defects. Once purchasing, they could decorate your home for decades.

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