Weight Lifting Hooks Heavy Duty Power Wrist Straps

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If you’re looking to improve your deadlifts and pulling exercises then Gymreapers Lifting Hooks are a must have in your gym bag. Whether you’re doing shrugs, pull ups, or barbell rows, these are for you. Don’t let weak forearm strength stop you from achieving your goals!

With thick neoprene padding around your wrist, you will have no problem crushing PR’s while preventing discomfort from the straps. The strongly coated metal hook easily hooks to any equipment you’re using, and will provide you the ease of mind to have a great workout without worrying about your grip. Your whole gym experience will change with these hook gym gloves.

Heavy Duty Weight Lifting Hooks/steel Strap Hooks Gym Power Training  Pull-up Neoprene Straps Hook Wrist Wrap - Buy Power Hook,Power Lifting Hook, Power Grip Product on Alibaba.com

Unlike many other lifting hooks on the market, you can expect the highest quality materials when you order your pair from us. Gymreapers hooks are a gym bag necessity that are built to last through the toughest workouts. We use reinforced nylon webbing and premium thick neoprene to ensure the most comfort when using our hook grips.

1 Pair Heavy Duty Weight Lifting Power Training Gym Strap Hook Bar Wrist  Support|Fitness Gloves| - AliExpress

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