Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set Automatic Stainless Steel

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The electric pepper mill equipped with an advanced ceramic grinding core, allows you to grind spices evenly from coarse to fine by simply twisting the adjustment knob at the bottom of the salt grinder. Whether you want to grind Himalayan salt or pepper, this spice grinder is up for the task.

Amazon.com: Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set - Automatic, Refillable, Battery  Operated Stainless Steel Spice Mills with Light - One Handed Push Button  Peppercorn Grinders and Sea Salt Mills: Home & Kitchen

This spice container of electric salt grinder has a big and wide mouth, lets you refill spices directly without any auxiliary tools. Just simply screw and open the container according to the indication icons, then refill it easily with no mess. What's more, the 70ml (2.4 oz) large capacity spice container eliminates the need to refill the spices frequently.

Season In Style With The Best Salt And Pepper Grinder Set | November 2022

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